Grape Growing

The most intensely flavored grapes come from vines whose size and vigor are naturally limited to producing very small clusters and low yields. Our three vineyards – Stone Edge, Mount Pisgah, and Silver Cloud – share ideal conditions for growing such vines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon: rocky, highly permeable soils; extended warm summers with limited rainfall; and cool, foggy coastal mornings.

Through organic farming, we build vibrant living soil to nurture deeply rooted vines that bear highly concentrated fruit. Our low-input practices encourage biodiversity to maintain a natural balance in our vineyards. Nature also lends a hand. Birds, bats, and predatory insects devour harmful pests, and hawks, owls, snakes, bobcats, and foxes consume rodents. Cover crops prevent erosion, replenish the soil with nutrients and organic matter, and provide habitat for beneficial insects.