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Our Mission & History

At Stone Edge Farm Estate Vineyards & Winery, we craft world-class wines made from classic Bordeaux grape varieties. Our grapes are farmed organically in Sonoma Valley, in keeping with the highest environmental standards.

Nicholas Carriger brought his family to Sonoma from Missouri in 1847. He purchased a 1,000-acre parcel a few miles west of the same plaza where the California Republic was born. Choosing his land both for its beauty and its well-drained soils, Carriger would become the first American to grow wine grapes in Sonoma Valley.

On a spring morning 148 years later, Leslie and Mac McQuown walked onto Carriger’s former property. They spoke with one voice:

“Look at those trees!”

The magnificent valley oaks on our property often elicit such expressions of wonder. These huge trees, alive since the Renaissance, are anchored in a hundred-foot-deep mixture of river rock and alluvium washed down by Carriger Creek from Sonoma Mountain, just to the west.

These soils—plus southern Sonoma Valley’s relatively cool climate, owing to a marine influence from the Pacific Ocean and the northern reaches of San Francisco Bay—make this site ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with Bordeaux-like character.

The McQuowns promptly purchased the property, naming it for a century-old stone wall that bordered a bygone sheep pasture. They eventually expanded the farm to its present-day 16 acres, with 4.4 acres of vines as the centerpiece.

In 2004, Mac McQuown launched a new venture with his friend and previous winemaking associate, Jeff Baker, who brought his winemaking prowess and a small mountain vineyard to the nascent Stone Edge Farm Estate Vineyards & Winery. Sonoma’s preeminent organic viticulturist, Phil Coturri, completed the talented production team.

Mac had spent his boyhood summers working on a farm and, over time, became a noted entrepreneur, environmentalist, and collector of fine wine. Leslie McQuown brought to Stone Edge Farm her expertise in exterior and interior design and a passion for integrating gracious living with appreciation and respect for nature. Stone Edge Farm is a confluence of the McQuowns’ interests, a blend of ethics and aesthetics, and a demonstration farm for what is possible.

With more than a hundred heirloom vegetables plus olive groves, fruit trees, ornamental plants, herbs, chickens, and beehives, in addition to grapevines, the farm is a wondrously diverse and productive organic garden on a large scale.


By partnering with people of like mind, you can get things done on a larger scale. We want to bring together the best people, who love what they do and want to be here.
—Mac McQuown

Mac & Leslie McQuown

After earning a mechanical engineering degree at Northwestern University and a Harvard M.B.A., and serving as an officer in the navy, Mac embarked on a career in banking and finance in New York. He joined Wells Fargo in San Francisco in 1964, where he and colleagues created the first stock index fund. He subsequently founded and built several entrepreneurial businesses.

Mac began collecting wine in 1965. With his friend Dick Graff, the legendary winemaker, he co-founded the Chalone Wine Group in 1970, serving on its board for twenty-five years. In 1980 he co-founded Carmenet Winery and began an enduring friendship with Jeff Baker, now Stone Edge Farm’s winemaker.

Mac credits his wife, Leslie, with providing Stone Edge Farm’s overarching aesthetic vision. Her eye for design informs the property’s architecture and landscaping, with its outdoor rooms, inviting courtyards, and art pieces.

Jeff Baker

Raised on his family’s citrus ranch in Ventura County, Jeff graduated from Stanford University and earned his master’s degree in enology from the University of California at Davis. He served as winemaker during the 1970s at the iconic Mayacamas Vineyards, in the mountains that separate Napa and Sonoma.

Jeff joined a group of partners, which included Mac McQuown, in 1980 to create Carmenet Vineyards (now Repris Wines) on the southwest side of the Mayacamas range. In the late 1990s, both Mac and Jeff planted small Cabernet Sauvignon home vineyards. In 2004 they co-founded Stone Edge Farm Estate Vineyards & Winery.

Phil Coturri

At the age of thirteen, Phil made Zinfandel with his father and the parish priest. By the next year, he was working in a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard on Sonoma Mountain. He stayed on the job every summer through college, where he took a degree in American literature.

Already an organic gardener, he granted a request to farm a mountain vineyard organically and never looked back. With a solid reputation as Sonoma’s premier organic winegrower, Phil and his staff at Enterprise Vineyard Management today farm more than 600 acres of vineyards, all without synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides.

Vine of Life

“The Vine of Life is more than a mere gesture to nature. It is a symbol of our reliance on nature, which sustains and nurtures us. We strive to return the favor by putting back into the soil as much or more as we take, and by releasing as little carbon as possible into the atmosphere.”
—Mac McQuown

Each bottle of our estate wine carries a symbol we call the Vine of Life depicting a human figure surrounded by vines. It represents our celebration of sustainability and of nature and humanity’s interrelatedness, as expressed in the wine.

Stone Edge Farm is a work constantly in progress, as we apply new technologies to conserve resources. The farm is divided into watering zones that receive information from a weather station on the property. A smartphone remotely controls 150 irrigation valves and 25,000 emitters. With careful metering and monitoring, we have reduced our water usage by one-half.

As the farm progresses toward establishing a microgrid and energy self-sufficiency, a fiber-optic network monitors each electrical circuit. Electrical power is provided by a combination of photovoltaic arrays, a fuel cell, and, coming soon, a microturbine.